The Final Word

Choctaw Nation Constitutional Court

The Choctaw Constitutional Court acts as the ultimate decision maker in disputes concerning the Choctaw Constitution, the Electoral Appeals and/or Tribal Council rules and regulations, and any matters brought forth by the Court of General Jurisdiction.

Constitutional Court

The Choctaw Nation Constitutional Court shall consist of a three (3) member Court appointed by the Chief with the advice and consent of the Tribal Council. One (1) such member, the presiding judge (Chief Justice), shall be a lawyer duly licensed to practice before the Supreme Court of Oklahoma. Two (2) members shall be non-lawyers.

The Constitutional Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction to decide disputes by vote of two (2) members arising under any provision of the Choctaw Nation Constitution or any rule or regulation enacted by the Tribal Council.

The Constitutional Court shall have supervisory authority over the Court of General Jurisdiction. This Tribal Court shall also have discretionary authority to hear an appeal from any judgment from the Appellate Division of the Court of General Jurisdiction, under such rules as the Constitutional Court shall adopt, with the approval of the Tribal Council.

The decision of the Constitutional Court shall be final.

Choctaw Nation Constitutional Court - Oklahoma Constitutional Court – OK Constitutional Court - Choctaw Nation Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is one of three separate powers of government within the Choctaw government, providing a system compliant to the Constitution of the Choctaw Nation, to interpret the laws of our Nation.

Constitutional Court

Chief Justice

David Burrage

Tribal Judge

Mitch Mullin

Tribal Judge

Frederick Bobb

Constitutional Clerk – Cara Schumann

302 Church Sreet, Talihina, OK 74571
918-567-3582 / 580-642-6448
[email protected]