Public Defender Office

Office of the Choctaw Nation Public Defender

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Public Defender’s Office represents individuals that financially qualify for representation funded by the Choctaw Nation. If you are accused and charged with a crime including Felonies, Misdemeanors, and Juvenile Delinquent matters, and think you may qualify, start the appointment screening process by filling out an Application for Court Appointed Attorney.  Click for Application


You can bring the application to court or turn it in to the Court Clerks Office.


Because of attorney client privilege and confidentiality, the Choctaw Nation Public Defender’s Office is limited on whom they may speak with about their client’s cases. If you are a victim in a case and have a question, please reach out to the Office of the Choctaw Nation Tribal Prosecutor.


If your case has already been appointed to the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Public Defender’s Office, you can reach us by phone. Our office number is 580-634-0678.