Where Every Citizen Counts

Courts are for the people. As such, the people deserve a judicial system that’s accessible, uncomplicated and efficient. The Choctaw Nation Judicial Branch offers citizens a safe place to seek justice with integrity and compassion.

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Ready to Serve

Established by Constitution in October of 1836, the Judicial Department of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma has grown and evolved with the changing needs of Choctaw citizens. Today, the Choctaw Nation Judicial Branch exists as a shining example of Choctaw life, providing fair justice to all who enter our jurisdiction.

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A Proud History

The Choctaw Nation has a long and proud history of laws, courts and a judicial system protecting its citizens. The Choctaw Nation Judicial Branch was established in 1836. Defending the Nation’s rights and due process are a cornerstone of the Choctaw Judicial Branch.